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Our Response to Covid-19

2020 Rafting Outlook: Optimism Remains High for a Summer Season

Typically, May marks the kick-off of the rafting season for the Gunnison Valley, our outposts would normally be buzzing to life with gear checks, new hires, training trips, and our first spring launches. This year, however, as the entire world is in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re unsure of what’s in store for the 2020 whitewater rafting season—our 43rd season on the water

Like so many across the nation and world who are being impacted, our small family-owned business and employees are being hit hard by this. Currently, our Guide training class has been postponed until June 1st and we are waiting to see what other camp groups will look like for the summer. Despite all of the uncertainties and challenges ahead, we remain optimistic that we’ll be able to get back out on the river and enjoy a 2020 rafting season, even if it’s bit delayed.

Right now our airports are nearly empty, some of our most treasured public lands and river corridors have been shut down, and nationwide mandates to shelter in place have been implemented for our own health and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. A common thread during this unfathomable time, however once some sort of normalcy returns, when it’s safe to hop in our cars and travel again, we’ll all be in need of a good adventure. And is there any better antidote to cabin fever than a whitewater river trip? That’s the silver-lining many rafting outfitters are counting on to get us through the days and weeks ahead. Not to mention, a solid snowpack across much of the State will guarantee great water levels for rafting well into fall this year.

The window for people to experience high-water spring rafting trips in 2020 may close before we can get back on the water, but the reliable Favorite river trips that offer a fun escape all season long—will be waiting for paddlers when we get to the other side of this.